Thank you for joining us for the 2020 New England Maker Summit.
This page will serve as your guide for today's events.
If you get lost at any point, head to, which will bring you right back here.


  • 09:00 > Registration and demos/pre-show
  • 10:00 > Speaker 1 > Andrew Mackin (CEO, Mackin Talent)
  • 10:45 > Q&A – Speaker 1
  • 11:00 > Speaker 2 > Sarah Boisvert (Fab Lab Hub) – New Collar & Digital credential roll-out
  • 11:45 > Q&A – Speaker 2
  • 12:00 > MakerspaceCT lunch & LIVE DEMOS
  • 12:30 > Presentation of Programs at MakerspaceCT
  • 12:45 > Jump to VIRTUAL TRACK TEAMS – 3 separate LIVE broadcasts
  • 1:45 > Messages from Mayor Luke Bronin and Senator Chris Murphy
  • 2:00 > The MakerspaceCT solution to the New Collar Workforce Pipeline
  • 2:15 > Katherine Ash - National Governors Association
  • 2:30 > Kelli-Marie Vallieres - Governor's Workforce Council
  • 2:45 > Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders led by moderator
  • 3:45 > Maker Cocktail Demo; Closing Remarks and Thanks

Panel Discussion

“Blue collar, white collar and the New Collar alternative for today’s education. The world IS ready for this PIVOT!”

  • Ari Santiago – moderator (President of IT Direct, Host of Made in America Podcast)
  • Glenn Ford (President, Phoenix Manufacturing)
  • Chris DiPentima (President & CEO, CBIA)
  • Katherine Ash (Consultant, National Governors Association)
  • Devra Sisitsky (Executive Director, MakerspaceCT)
  • Kelli-Marie Vallieres - Governor's Workforce Council

Which stream do I watch?

Start the day on Track A, which will host the keynotes. When the virtual tracks start after lunch, choose from:

  • Business (Track A)
  • Education (Track B)
  • Manufacturing (Track C)
When the Topic Tracks finish, head back to Track A for the Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders, Q&A, and closing.

Live Chat

Each session will be followed by a Q&A session. To ask questions following (or during!) a talk, click the Show/Hide chat button (Desktop only) below the stream, or open the stream on YouTube in a new tab.

Keynotes and Track A (Business/Entrepreneurship)

Click here to watch Keynotes/Afternoon Track A on YouTube

Track B (Education)

Click here to watch Afternoon Track B on YouTube

Track C (Manufacturing)

Click here to watch Afternoon Track C on YouTube